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MIU COLOR Pet Heating Pad

MIU COLOR Pet Heating Pad

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  • 【Safety Protection】Built-in intelligent thermostat in the cat heating pad to prevent overheating to protect pets, automatically adjust the optimal temperature: When the temperature is set at 50℃-65℃ (122℉-140℉), the heating pad will automatically adjust back to 45℃(113℉) for heating after 30 minutes of heating. 7-layer protective structure protects pets from burns, high-quality heating wire, fast and uniform. Soft PVC envelope with waterproof and flame-retardant function.
  • 【Wire Protection Design】The wire for the animal heating pads has been lengthened, and the maximum length of the wire can be as long as 7 feet, allowing your pet to be closer to you. Chew-resistant steel cord is designed to prevent pets from chewing on the wire, no need to worry about electricity leakage.
  • 【LCD Intelligent Controller】Controlling the temperature and timer of the electric cat heating pad with the LED controller, the pet heating pad has 4 timer levels(2h/4h/8h/12h) and 8 levels of adjustable temperature (from 86℉ to 149℉(30℃-65℃)) as your pets need, give your pets a warm winter. The timer LED will be shifted down one level to tell you how much time is left.
  • 【Easy Care & Washable】 The cat warming pad comes with a removable fleece cover, dark gray, very resistant to dirt, which makes it easy to wash. And the inner heating pad just cleans with a damp cloth. This indoor/outdoor cat heating pad is IP67 waterproof so never worry your pets pee in the bed with the heater plugged in.
  • 【Suitable for Outdoor & Indoor Use】In addition to being used indoors, The pet heated mat is also ideal for cat/dog bed, houses, sheds, garages, barns, or any sheltered area your outdoor pets hang out.
  • 【Good for Your Pet】MIU COLOR pet heating pad can warm newborn pets, and pregnant pets and ease joint pressure and pain of older, arthritic animals, suitable for a variety of other pets that require heating pads. It has a wide range of applications, not only in winter. Note: Unfold the heating pad for dogs and cats. Do not fold it during use.
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