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MIU COLOR Enclosed Cat Litter Box

MIU COLOR Enclosed Cat Litter Box

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  • 😻【DURABLE DESIGN 】 Made from sturdy PP and ABS resin material, The cat litter box will not break under recurring pressure. The special 8 locks design also guarantees the litter box’s stability so that it won’t overturn during being used. Take a little time to assemble according to the instructions and you will get a very durable cat litter box.
  • 😼【GREAT SIZE】Dimensions: 20.3"L x 15.6"W x 15"H. The interior space is spacious enough for both adult and juvenile cats. The kitties can turn around freely in the litter box.
  • 😺【EASY IN, EASY OUT】Upgraded Larger Top Entry: 9.4"L x 7.9"W. Cats have multiple ways to get in and out. Put the convex face of the door stopper upward, then cats can only get in from the front and jump out from the top. Besides that, remove the door stopper or put its convex face downward, then the front door can be used as both entry and exit. →Contact us any time to get a free replacement if the front door is not work.
  • 😽【MULTIPLE PROTECTIONS TO PREVENT LEAKAGE】First, the side panel is made of a whole board without any seam to prevent the cat urine leakage. Second, the long baffles on the side panel can effectively prevent the cat litter from getting stuck in the gap between the tray and the panel. Third, when cats step on the hollow lid and pedal, the litter will fall back into the tray from small holes, reducing the litter leakage.
  • 😸【EASY TO CLEAN】The deepened bottom pull-out tray, included litter scoop and trash bags make cleaning a lot easier. Moreover, the box is easy to move with the tight structure and light weight. Using this litter box could effectively save the cleaning time.
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