Brand Story

Who We Are

Welcome to MIU COLOR, where everything we do is inspired by you and made by MIU! We are a global retailer of premium home and personal goods founded  in 2009. Our product lines range from home décor and office supplies to kitchen appliances and outdoors/travel accessories. We are passionate about making your life easier, healthier, and just plain better.

Whether you’re grinding at work, relaxing at home, or setting out on your next great adventure, MIU COLOR has you covered.

Make It Unique

Our philosophy is “Make it Unique”. The air we breathe, the water we drink…all too often we take the “little things” for granted. But the little things can sometimes have the biggest impact on our quality of life. We don’t want you to be like everyone else, because no one is as cool as you.

So don’t drink like everyone else, or relax like everyone else. Don’t even organize your socks like everyone else! Make each and every thing you do unique.

Our Values

At MIU COLOR, we offer a wide range of original product lines, but all of our designs share a set of three core values.


The first word of our name, MIU, is derived from the Greek letter mu (µ). Mu is used in physics to represent some of the smallest known particles in the universe. We adopted this concept as our brand name because we fully embrace simplicity in all of our creations. More precisely, elegant simplicity. That means getting down to the bare essentials and eliminating waste and unnecessary flash.


MIU COLOR products are designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily life. We like to think of them as “everyday items 2.0”. Contemporary, high-quality upgrades or additions that you will always find a use for.


We care about our world and our environment, so we strive to manufacture all of our products in a responsible and eco-friendly way. Furthermore, we carefully source or personally manufacture everything we sell to ensure that it is all made under fair and equitable working conditions. Our hope is to leave the world better off than when we found it.

MIU COLOR has been featured on such platforms as Buzzfeed, Lifehacker,, and Verywell. We are proud to have earned thousands of 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon and several best-selling products. We continue to grow and find new and better ways to serve our fans. Progress is a never-ending road. We hope that you can join us along the way.