Fashionable Water Bottles—An Everyday Object In A New Light

Fashionable Water Bottles—An Everyday Object In A New Light

The following content is a guest post by Jacob Hatch, author of the blog Hydration Anywhere. Dedicated to providing a comprehensive resource for all things related to hydration and drinking water, the blog offers a huge resource for information about everything from health and fitness to environment and conservation issues to examining drinking water related products.

The modern water bottle is much more than just a container. As a piece of your everyday life, as something that you carry with you in public, a water bottle transcends its role as a simple way to make sure you have something to drink and infuses itself into your identity. Like a favorite bag, scarf, or watch, the right water bottle can be equal parts functional and aesthetic. A part of your outfit, suited to match your mood and advertise your unique signature style to the world, you can find yourself with a new favorite fashion accessory in the form of a bottle you love the look of.

Yet not all bottles are created equal. While there are some stunning examples of beautifully designed bottles that anyone would be proud to display as part of their outfit, other bottle makers haven't quite caught on. Where some bottles are designed with elegant forms, striking colors, and eye-catching designs, those concerned less with form and more with function are still prone to producing some pretty drab-looking bottles.

The Intersection of Style and Utility

As the author of the blog Hydration Anywhere, I go through a ton of water bottles. In putting together our Best Water Bottles series (in which MIU COLOR has been a winner) we had to take a lot of time and thought to what really makes a water bottle stand out. It’s tempting to pick out your water bottle purely based on its looks. This might work out if you're not interested in carrying your water so much as you are in having a nifty-looking accessory. But if you want to have a bottle equally capable of both hydrating you and advertising your sense of style, you'll need to develop a bit of an eye for what makes a quality bottle.

Just like with any functional-yet-fashionable accessory, there is more to choosing a water bottle than just what meets the eye. Much like you'd select a watch or a pair of sunglasses based on what suits both your style and your needs, you should take the same approach to a water bottle.

The main thing to think about is size. How much water do you really need to carry around? Where do you plan to use your bottle? Will it accompany you everywhere you go? How important is portability? How much water do you drink in a day? How much weight is comfortable for you to carry?

Once you have some idea of what you want your bottle to do for you in practical terms, you can isolate the bottles appropriately and then treat your choice much like you would selecting part of your outfit. Maybe you'd prefer a subtle, understated bottle which can look good with whatever your wearing or your other accessories. Or perhaps you'd like something bright and loud, ideal for matching specific outfits.

Variety is the Spice of Life

If you decide to go the route of getting a bottle which will go well with any look or outfit, you'll probably want to opt for something like a transparent glass bottle. Or maybe something unassuming in plastic or stainless steel. You probably wouldn't want something too gaudy which might compliment a specific look or mood but clash with the majority of what you wear.

But, fortunately, water bottles are cheap. It is easy to collect a few of them and try them on as your mood and your fashion changes day to day. If you opt for lower cost plastic bottles, the array of designs, colors, shapes and sizes offers absolutely no shortage of options at prices so affordable it’s easy to incorporate a couple as part of your wardrobe. Even on the higher end of the water bottle pricing spectrum, you are still orders of magnitude below a new pair of shoes or a jacket, making even the classiest water bottles an affordable way to express your style and individuality.

What Your Water Bottle Says About You

Your bottle – and the specific type of bottle – can actually say something about you. First of all, water bottles signal to the world your environmentally-friendly attitude in making the planet-healthy move of rejecting disposable bottles. A glass bottle with a tea infuser might signify your down-to-earth tea habit, while a lightweight sporty insulated bottle might peg you as a fitness fanatic.

Maybe you are dedicated to practicality, so you opt for a totally utilitarian bottle – sleek, black or white, with an easy drinking straw. Or maybe you're completely devoted to glitz and flash, so you opt for a glittery bottle with designs and glimmering gold finish. Perhaps it is instead just the simplicity and transparency of thick, quality borosilicate glass that attracts you.

With just a little bit of creative thinking and the proper selection of bottle, your next water bottle can be the most useful fashion accessory you own. In addition to complimenting your looks, it saves you money and helps reduce environmental pollution by reducing your need to consume bottled water and other beverages in disposable containers. It is even good for your health, giving you an essential tool to help you meet proper hydration goals to ensure your body is functioning in tip-top shape – something a shocking number of people neglect to do!

Go Forth and Hydrate

Once you've picked out the perfect bottle to match your look, don't forget to use it! The most important thing is to fill it up regularly and stay hydrated. Never hesitate to drink when you're thirsty. The second most important thing is to clean it regularly (something MIU COLOR is particularly helpful about with their included bottle brushes) – a bit of maintenance for your water bottle goes a long way. Properly cared for, quality modern water bottles will prove a lasting investment.

Thinking of your bottle as a fashion accessory is an exciting way to spice up an otherwise banal everyday object. As soon as it becomes a piece of your wardrobe instead of a boring bit of dishware, the possibilities of using it to accessorize your look open up a whole new vista of opportunities.

How does your bottle compliment your look? We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line in the comments section below and let us know about how you use your bottle to compliment your looks.


A special thanks to Jacob for his wise words on stylish hydration. Few if any know water bottles as well as him. Be sure to visit Hydration Anywhere for tons of great info on drinking bottles of every kind

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